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  • 1. About Us

    9to9.online is an online shopping site that is owned and operated by Transmarco Group. Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before using the site's facilities.
    Within an indefinite period, the terms and conditions will change. Your use of our site must follow any changes that are part of the agreement and are subject to terms in accordance with the existing changes.

  • 2. Privacy Policy

    We take seriously the privacy of our customers and we will only collect and use personal information as we have adjusted in the statement below. Please read the policy carefully regarding this site. 9to9.online can edit and add privacy policies at any time. Any changes in the rules will be posted on our website.

  • 3. Personal Information

    9to9.online does not sell, distribute or otherwise transmit any personal information the customer / buyer obtains online to third parties.
    Personal information collected online is only shown in our company and will only be used by Transmarco Group in service delivery to you internal use.
    When you create an account on our site, any personal information we may collect includes but is not limited to:

    - Name
    - Shipping Address
    - Email Address
    - Phone Number
    - Mobile Phone Number
    - Date of Birth
    - Gender

    The personal information we get from you will be used to:

    - Delivery of products you have purchased from 9to9.online.
    - Updating information on product delivery and for customer service
    - Provide you with information related to products from 9to9.online.
    - Run your booking process and to provide you with the services and information offered by our site and what you expect
    - Furthermore, we will use the information you provide for the administration of your account with us to verify and manage financial transactions related to payments you make online; audit data downloaded from our site; improve the order and / or content of the pages of our site and adapt it to the needs of the users of the site; identifying our site visitors; do research on the demographic data of our site users; send you information that we consider to be useful to you that you request from us, including information about our products and services, provided that you have indicated that you do not mind being contacted on these matters.

    We may provide your name and address to third parties so that we may ship the products you ordered, (such as for example to courier or supplier).
    If you register as a 9to9.online site user, we will also use your personal information to send you promotional or marketing materials from time to time. You may revoke and unsubscribe from our services at any time by selecting the unsubscribe options in the electronic marketing materials.
    The personal information you have entered when making a payment by credit card is done by a third party from the Fraud Detection System and we are working with an online payment processing company.
    Your order details will be saved for security reasons but will not be available directly from us. However, you may access this information by logging into your account through this site. Here you can see details about the order you have ever made, the order that is still open or which you want to send. You can also manage address details, bank information and newsletters that you may subscribe to. You agree that you deem privacy access to this personal data confidential and you shall not let a third party access such personal data without permission. We will not have any responsibility for the misuse of passwords unless such abuse is our negligence.

  • 4. Terms of Sale

    When making your reservation indicates a desire to purchase the product and subject to the following terms and conditions. All orders are goods available and at a confirmed price.
    In accordance with the agreement with 9to9.online. You can make payments legally and comply with in accordance with existing laws. 9to9.online reserves the right to refuse any requests granted by you. If your order is received, we will notify you via email that the order is already in our system and is waiting for the payment process. We will also notify you via the same email regarding payment details and methods. When you place an order, you will provide all information to us correctly and accurately, that you are an authorized user of the credit / debit card or bank account you use when placing an order. The cost of products and services may change. You must follow any changes to the fees posted on the site without prior notice.

    A. Contract of Sale
    When you place an order, you will get email notifications about pending orders and payments. Please note that this email is intended as a notification and not the final stage of your order in the sales contract. The sales contract will not occur until we send the information via email that your payment has been received and the order will be sent to you. Only items that are detailed in the email are included in the sales contract.

    B. Pricing and Availability
    We strive to provide the best service to ensure that every detail, description, availability and price of the products appearing on the site is accurate, but we can not avoid any errors that may occur. If we find an error in the price or availability of the goods you ordered, we will promptly notify you and give you the option of re-ordering the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you or receive a statement from you, we will cancel your order. When you cancel and have done.

    C. Content / Promotion
    Any content or promotions that are described or posted on this site are subject to the rules of the event.

    D. Colors
    We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the color of the products on our site. However, we cannot guarantee the color you see in the monitor with true color.

    E. Payment
    9to9.online provides these payment methods:
    Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard
    If you do not confirm payment via transfer within 5 days, then booking is automatically canceled.
    We make every effort to ensure that every payment via credit card is secure. 9to9.online is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology scrambler as you process your purchase. This SSL encryption is approximated in at least a trillion years and this is the standard of this payment system. We do not store your credit card information after your order is complete. Instead, it will be delivered directly from the bank. We guarantee every purchase with credit card or information about your bank account is secure.
    Any successful transaction will get confirmation of an order number within one hour of purchase. If you do not get a confirmation number by email, please re-order or call our customer service at careline@transmarco.asia

  • 5. Shipping

    The shipping process will take about 4-7 business days. The delivery time will change depending on the destination address.
    You can monitor your order that will appear in your account after making payment confirmation.
    You may change the shipping destination address if your order has not been submitted. To change the delivery destination address, please contact our Customer Service team at xxxx@transmarco.asia

  • 6. Refund

    We may refund or exchange the goods within 14 days after the goods are received, provided that the goods have not been used and are still stored in the original packaging. Goods must be in an intact state, accompanied by price tags and packaging. The returned item is your responsibility until we receive the item so make sure the item you returned is in a safe condition to prevent damage to the item or its packaging..

  • 7. Copyrights

    All content contained in the website, such as text, graphics, logos, icon icons, images, sound clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software belong to Transmarco Group. You are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any or copies of the content provided or appearing on this site or use it for any business, commercial or third-party business.

  • 8. Your Account

    When you register for this service, you will be asked to provide a password to your account. We recommend that you redeem your password.
    If you want to purchase goods at 9to9.online, you need to register first on the site. Registration will aim:

    To provide information via email about the goods on offer by 9to9.online
    - To purchase goods
    - To access your account
    - To change your account profile including your address and passwords
    - To review orders
    - When you register, you are ready to provide accurate and complete information about your data and provide updated information. 9to9.online guarantees that all information we receive will be stored and stored securely.
    We restrict access to your personal information by:

    - Maintain technology products to prevent access to uncertain computers.
    - We will remove your personal information when we no longer need it as our records.

  • 9. Unsubscribe

    Any information or journals that we send to you contain information, to unsubscribe please click unsubscribe..

  • 10. Third Party Site Links

    Links to third party websites are provided on the website for convenience. By clicking on a third-party link, you will leave 9to9.online, our site does not support the content of third-party links and is not responsible for the content of third parties. The privacy and security of third-party site policies may differ from those applicable to 9to9.online. You need to review the privacy policies and other terms of use of third-party sites, in particular, how they collect and use any personal information.

  • 11. Cookies

    Cookies are not just for providing information. They are a small amount of data sent from a site to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Your browser preferences usually have cookies enabled (which means each website can send its own cookies to your browser). Cookies cannot access your personal information, but use it as a unique anonymous identifier.
    Cookies will need to be enabled in your browser to allow you to add products to your cart and access your account information. If you use a public computer, or share it with someone else's computer, be sure to log out before leaving your computer to protect your account information. Please click log out on the top right corner of the page.
    To find out more about how we use cookies, please see our privacy policy.

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