1. only accept payments with Visa / Mastercard cards.
  2. Paying with a Visa / Mastercard card online, authorization will be made via Ipay88 as our Payment Partner.
  3. We accept payments using cards with the Visa and Mastercard logos that support 3-D Secure security facilities. 3-D Secure (3-secure domain), through the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode certification, is a payment system authentication facility to improve security and protect you from online crime (cyber fraud). puts forward the convenience and security of your transactions by implementing 3-D Secure to ensure you are protected from online crime. The difference between the cards that use the 3-D Secure facility is that you will receive a 6 digit secret code, commonly called OTP (One Time Password), which will be sent directly through the registered mobile number. This OTP will always change each time you make an online shopping transaction. You can only enter OTP three times. To determine whether your card supports 3-D Secure services, you can contact your card issuing bank directly.
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